Monday, September 8, 2014

Birthday Vlog

Today I turn 25 - happy birthday to me ((haha)).
I ain't gonna lie to you; it's a little scary that I'm only five years from turning 30 - which is my "scary age" ... yikes!
But in a moment of self-celebration of me turning older and wiser, I thought I'd do a little something different.
Everyone has expectations - both from life and them selves. I'm no different! When I was fifteen, I thought that my mid-twenties would be razzle dazzle fantastic, and basically that I would live the life of a heroin in a chick flick movie ... oh, how different things turned out, haha.
So here's my vlog of 5 things my fifteen year old self thought I'd be, do or have when I was 25 - enjoy!

Side note:
The video is way longer than I intended it to be
and by the end I'm totally talking out of my ass ((so charming, I know))
but all in all I really enjoyed doing this. 
If you liked it too and want to see more vlogs, 
then tell me in the comments or via the Facebook page :)

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